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As 2013 began we were just 60 days out from the historic passage of Amendment One, restoring an alternate charter school authorizer in Georgia.

There were predictions of doomsday for public education from all over the state if the Charter Amendment passed, but one year later, we have not seen any signs of the sky falling.

To the contrary, GCSA has seen a wave of innovative new charter schools win approval in Georgia. Our monthly CharterDevelopment 101 classes are filled to capacity with potential petitioners who want to learn the rigors of the charter application process. We’re training with charter school boards to upgrade their governance practices. We’re building a leadership pipeline for Georgia charter schools with our CharterLeader and GaTAPP alternative teacher certification programs.

The promise of better public school options is seen in a surge of petitions from parents, teachers and communities who want to launch innovative, high achieving public charter schools. It’s seen in the myriad of creative partnerships determined to stem Georgia’s high dropout rate and drive local economic development. It’s seen in charters that are earning renewals because they’ve truly boosted student achievement.

The challenges to charter school growth, charter school autonomy and equitable funding continue, but we’ve never been stronger. And there’s never been a more exciting time for public education in Georgia.


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One Year Later

One year after the momentous passage of the Charter Schools Amendment, we reflect on the charter school landscape in Georgia.
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The mission of the Georgia Charter Schools Association is to improve student achievement and foster quality educational options for all students by promoting and supporting high-quality autonomous public charter schools in communities throughout Georgia.

2013 marked the end of GCSA’s three-year strategic plan. Based on what we have learned over the past three years, we have refined our mission to emphasize our commitment to autonomous public charter schools. This report offers information, evidence and visual expressions of the many ways we’ve worked to meet our objectives.


OBJECTIVE: Encourage, demand and support excellent education in all of Georgia’s charter schools by developing and implementing a comprehensive suite of services designed to manage performance and promote quality at every stage of a school’s evolution.
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OBJECTIVE: Accelerate the rate of growth of Georgia’s independent charter schools by 10% a year over the next three years, while accelerating the rate of growth of district approved charter schools by 5%.
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